Thursday, 25 August 2011

This little blog o' mine...

...has TWO WHOLE FOLLOWERS! I see you both! Hi! :D

In celebration, here is some shameless love-spreading for a giveaway I'm entering. It ends TONIGHT so you guys should go check it out. Right now.

This is Chloe, and she really wants you to go check out this blog. Also, cats are amazing :D Surprise kitty picture! BOOM!
clickyclickyclickyclickyclickyclickyclickyclickyclickyclickyclickyclicky and spread some love to Liz at Liquid Jelly, who is celebrating her 500th follower! Do it for Chloe!


  1. lol, hi! :D that is a super cute kitty!!!!

  2. Thanks! :D
    I tried to get her to sniff the lens, but no luck. She loves to look away and be all myspace dramatic. She's 15 though, so she pretty much does whatever she wants XD

  3. Three of us now! :) Chloe is a cutie!