Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Autism Awareness

October is Autism Awareness Month! I was going to just paint my nails the color of the awareness ribbon, but the ribbon looks like this. It didn't look easy, but neither is autism, so I gave it a go :) I used Sally Hansen White On, China Glaze Lemon Fizz and For Audrey, Clairns 221 Golden Red, and ACO Electric Chic. My pinky looks ridiculously curved. I promise it doesn't look like that in person. I don't know what happened there. Also, this is about as close as I can get to my lens without it being blurry-- even on macro setting. I may have to ask for a nicer camera for Christmas o.o


Sunday, 2 October 2011

Summer lovin', had me a blast~

SO. I had an interesting week. Did you?
I had a major nasty-butt headache that lasted about 3 days and wouldn't go away for more than a few hours. Fortunately it went away yesterday long enough for me to conduct an interview for class and then be treated to supper afterwards, but it's threatening to come back today to accompany my brand spankin' new sore throat! 5 more days until Thanksgiving weekend and I can run home to my momma and some chicken soup... and turkey dinner... OH AND MY NAIL MAIL FROM Fingers!!! It has been impatiently waiting on my kitchen table at home for WEEKS.

So last week was void of posts because somehow, don't ask me how, people have started catching me on campus and booking appointments to come get their nails done. If I post open invitations and leave my door open, nobody shows up. Elite clientele list it is! XD So yeah, between coursework, the never-ending headache and the fairly steady stream of appointments (out of nowhere), no posts. I have come to terms with the fact that I update about once a week... I don't like it, but that's how it is for now I guess. I'm trying to update more! I guess if I have more to add during the week, I will. If these appointments keep up, I should be blogging every Tuesday and Thursday night (those afternoons fill up with appointments). This is crazy.

So in keeping with what I said about relevant manicures, here's one I did as an experiment and also to use my Layla Magneffect polish that I picked up in mid August(!!!!), before I saw them on any other blogs. And now that I'm getting around to posting it, of course, they're all over the place :P

This is OPI Houston We Have A Purple (2 coats), then a coat of Sally Girl umm... I can't find a name. 812011? The blue and purple glitter in a clear base, anyway. (have you guys noticed that the Sally Girl polishes changed their bottle ink from that scratchy textured stuff to plain white/offwhite?) Then a third coat of HWHAP. The purple was more purple and less blue in person, as always. It looked to me what China Glaze Flying Dragon should look like if it dried to bottle color (and was jelly, and had bigger glitter). I got bored at some point and mattified my middle finger, then got bored again and added shiny polka dots.

As for the Layla (08 Velvet Groove), I was completely against buying it. I ooh and aah'd over the display, and over the employee's nails they were swatched on, but at $16 a bottle they were way above what I'm willing to pay for a bottle of nail polish. My mother, being the hypocritic enabler she is (you have WAY TOO MUCH nail polish! You're never going to use all that! OhmyGOSH you HAVE to buy this one it's SO PRETTY. :P), decided that she wanted a magnetic manicure and gave me a choice of colors she liked to pick from. And then my mother, Mrs You Need To Go On A No-Buy, bought me a $16 bottle of nail polish because it was neat. And then she wonders why/how I have so much nail polish. I told her about Deborah Lippmann and Chanel. She just about crashed the car. XD 

Yay bad lighting! I really need to figure out something for taking pictures after dark. This, before you panic, is NOT MY HAND. This is one of my friends who came over. You don't leave my room with naked nails LOL. She had a really hard time picking out colors, but she finally settled on one hand in OPI The One That Got Away with a Layla accent nail....

And Wet'n'Wild Teal Of Fortune with a Layla accent on the other hand. Light green stamping in an attempt to unify the colors a bit. The more I use Teal Of Fortune, the deeper in love with it I fall. It just looks so pretty with EVERYTHING stamped over it. I stamped a deep purple over it on Tuesday, and it was gorgeous. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of that. I spent half the week chasing people down on campus with my camera because I kept forgetting to take pictures LOL. Side note with the Layla polishes... if you mess up, for the love of all things chocolate, do NOT just re-paint over the nail and try again. You have to take it off and restart. When you layer it, the magnet tries to pull through ALL the metallic pigments, and it looks terrible.

Mmm I think that's enough for one day :P