Monday, 15 August 2011

Birthday Mani

**Please ignore the text being all centered and stuff. It refuses to align nicely**

So I had a huge internal debate at work today between posting this mani from my birthday weekend, or the AWESOME AMAZINGNESS that happened last night. I have decided to save the awesome amazingness until Wednesday, because we didn't have any nice sun today and I really want good pictures of this.

I tend to try to use all my new polishes in my next mani after I get them, so this was quite the blingy weekend. I had just picked out some new art deco stripers (first ones!) and this amazing purple jelly, and then my mom came home and surprised me with a chunky holo glitter she picked up on clearance!   *.*  oooshiney
I believe her exact words were, "even if you never wear it, IT'S JUST SO PRETTY IN THE BOTTLE."

Side note about my mother here. She loves brown. She loves nice, safe browns. I'm working together with my 73 year old grandmother (who is ALL ABOUT the sparkles and rhinestones) to shame her out of her comfort zone. We've made excellent progress this summer :D. So it's really funny when she brings me home a bottle of some funky color, all excited about it LOL

Anyway, on to the sparkles: 

Most color accurate

Not bad for something I threw on in the morning at work, eh? That purple jelly goodness with pink/purple and blue flecks is Revlon's Grape Fizz. I was avoiding it for the longest time because, honestly, I'm not a fan of my nails smelling like grape cough medicine... but WOW. I think the colors make up for the grapey-ness. The small silver sparkles are just art deco silver sparkles... BUT THAT ACCENT FINGER. That chunky hexagonal holographic sparkly attention-getter. LOOK AT IT. Nicole's Winter Glitterland. ON CLEARANCE, ladies and gentlemen. 

As soon as I was done putting this on, the stock order came in and I spent the rest of the day putting away car parts. It held up pretty darn well (just some tip wear) considering my top coat was still wet! I got some dings in my right hand, but the glitter tips covered everything up beautifully ;)


  1. Damn girl-just how old do you think I am???? This font is easier for me to read-but you really didn't need to get all huge on me! HAHAHA! And tell your mom that there is NOTHING wrong with loving brown!!! Can't wait for the amazing awesomeness!

  2. LOL well the first post had normal font size so I just set this one to one size up. It's not THAT big... XD <3