Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Amazing Awesomeness (sans soleil)

So every time I upload pictures via Blogger, it messes with them. Either it won't upload them or  they don't resize nicely or they throw my text into center-align... Today, it decided to upload them sideways. I really give up trying to fight with it. I need to find a new way to upload pics though, because this is making me not even want to post anything (as you may have noticed). ANYWAY.

This is Sinful Colors Nail Junkie (LOVE the name) with one thin coat of China Glaze Watermelon Rind on top. It was AMAZING. I wore it for two weeks. TWO. Weeks! Unfortunately, during that time there was some drama and I got abducted by a(n amazingly awesometastical) friend to get me out of the house for a week, and of course I didn't bring my camera. When I got back home, the sun was playing hide and seek :( So there are no sun shots which is terrible. 

Yes I filed my nails as soon as this came off. Somehow they were getting really... crooked O.o So here are some good pictures of what Nail Junkie looks like (I also found it gooey, but I only did 3 coats and it was opaque enough for me) and here is a good swatch of Watermelon Rind. I know it's easier for you guys if I just get good swatches and shiz myself, but I'm not a huge fan of swatches/swatching... I figure there are loads of other blogs pretty much dedicated to swatching, so I might as well spread some love and link to them. Is that bad? I don't know. Someone tell me if it is :(

So I noticed that this, while it was sparkling pink and orange in the sun, completely and utterly killed my need for China Glaze's Atlantis. They're not the same (Atlantis is far more blue and the glitter is a little more sparse), but it's close enough for me :) I'm super excited about that.

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  1. First thing I thought was man those nails need shaping up! hahahaha! Yeah they are rolling out a blogger overhaul- are you using google chrome as your web browser? I would highly recommend it- blogger hates all other web browsers!

  2. Blogger seems to hate my Chrome. It won't let me see followers (on any blog, they just don't load no matter how many times I refresh or anything), won't let me post, enter giveaways, submit anything at all. I use Opera for my blogs and Chrome for my daily internetting :P Opera seems to play nice