Monday, 25 June 2012

Here You Go

Hey lovelies!
As promised, here are the pictures of the "glitter gradient" nails my mom did for me. I took these two weeks later, OOPS. So excuse the bit of tip wear and some growth... they look pretty darn good for TWO WEEKS huh!

I also decided to play around with some half pearls and a bow I found. Not my best design choices :P The bow was a mistake and I knew it wouldn't work, but as soon as I put it on, it sunk down into the glitter. It just made itself right at home haha so I left it alone. 

Not sure what that giant pink thing was, but it was HUGE, and it only stayed where it was for the same reason the bow stayed. Ah well, it was fun to fiddle with. This was the least blurry of 6 pictures, and it was really hurting my hand to hold it in that position, so this is the clearest picture you get :P

So what do you think? Not too bad for her first try huh? :)

I told Fingers I would also have the pictures of the completed shelves today, and I DID actually clean my whole nail polish area and took some pictures, but my computer is being a party pooper and won't read my SD card. It always does that when I need to restart it. I swear, my laptop throws tantrums!! Hopefully I'll get those before the end of the week :)

Monday, 4 June 2012

Movin' On Up

I know what you're all thinking. All two of you.
"WHAT? Another post already? What is this world coming to??"
I know. I understand.
There was something I just had to show you.

Check it:

This glorious thing took me and my extremely handy uncle 4.5 hours to make today. 1.5 hours of shopping for supplies, then supper, then 4.5 hours of making the thing. Now that we've figured out what the heck we're doing, we're hoping to bang out the other four (!) tomorrow. Well, by the time you read this... today.

12 sheets of foam board, about $5 each
8 sheets of glittery self-adhesive foam, on clearance for $0.79
1 spool pearly whitish-blueish ribbon, on clearance for $2 (not yet added)
1 replacement glue gun, about $12 (ours blew up)
1 package fresh knife blades, $7ish
roughly 1/4 can hair spray to keep the glitter from attempting a full-on war with my garage :)

Should I have been cutting that stuff with my thumb? Probably not :P I only cut the glittery foam though. I did all of the measuring and marking, and some of the gluing. Have any of you had a glue gun explode before? I was marking measurements on the foam, and my uncle was trying to work out how to fix some problem or another, and we heard a godawful loud pop crash bang. I looked over in time to see a tiny fireworks show as the gun jumped up off the table top. There was a tiny scorch mark and smoke and everything. In all my years of crafty things, I've never ever had a glue gun blow up.

Anyway, these racks are supposed to hold roughly 90 bottles of polish. I grabbed whatever was closest to me on the table and threw them in there... if I remember correctly, this held 87 bottles. NOT BAD. As soon as we whip up the other four, I can have color coded racks *drool*

ps I can paint my own nails!! :D I have to get other people to open and close the bottles for me though. Small victories :)

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Fowl Times

So I was at Sally's yesterday and noticed some bottles of Orly with the -NEW!- collars on.
I investigated.


REJOICE! I was lucky enough to snag Fowl Play for $10 in a pack with Sweet Peacock and Lucky Duck (a severely underrated green!), but for those of you who missed out... CORE COLLECTION. Never again will you have to hunt dusties looking for it :)

Side note, I nearly tore my tendon in two pieces on my dominant thumb. I an unable to paint my own nails. It has been nearly two weeks, and I am going insane. On the other hand (hehe), my mom is getting to practice her badass nail art skills... She wanted to try a gradient, bless her little heart. I had her work with glitters to make it easier :P Pictures to follow as soon as I get some of this topcoat off my... entire hands. :)


Monday, 14 May 2012

Space Dust?

Couple things. First, I'm not going to gripe about this new interface BS because it actually, for once in nearly a year, lets me upload pictures without difficulty. It still only lets me select one at a time to upload, but at least it gets the job done.
Two, to all you poor souls who check my blog ever, I really hope you have email updates or something :P
Thirdly and lastly, I figured out how to disable the annoying verifications on comments. Let me know if that works.

I made my second ever franken and simultaneously discovered that my bathroom has pretty good lighting! Check it out:

I layered it here over Essence Lime Up! and OPI Houston, We Have A Purple. I finally have access to Essence polishes in Canada! I don't like the brush though. Look at that gorgeous cuticle line from the OPI brush, and then the mess from the Essence brush. This started as Wet'n'Wild Stars and Stripes, which I actually bought two bottles of because I knew I wanted to franken with it. The only drawback is that these polishes cost $3 here, sadface! I noticed that with this Wet'n'Wild polish it can be difficult to fish out any stars, but when they came out, they came in bunches of 2-5. The glitters used in my franken are almost all holographic silver and purple, though one of the polishes (ChG Marry A Millionaire) had what looks like green micro bar glitter, and there is a fair bit of gold glitter that likes to hide. Regardless, there is so much holographic goodness going on that one would think the base was made of crushed rainbows.

What do you think?

Monday, 2 April 2012

Saturday, 31 March 2012

I Spy the End of the Semester!

HELLO MY LOVELY FOLLOWERS and all you lurkers out there! My fourth year at university proved to be rather time consuming, but FEAR NOT. I've been polishing away all year! I've got about a metric ****-ton of pictures to post. I've been messing around with cropping and such, but I'm still not the best at actually taking pictures. Ah well. You'll live for now :)

Here are some fantastically nerdy nails I did for a friend. We're going to ladies night at our local comic book store today!

The cherries are giant rhinestones, which is why they're upside-down. We didn't want them near the tip of the nail, because we were scared they'd chip off way too fast. I did these last night and ladies night is tonight, so they definitely needed to last at least 30 hours without falling off!

What do you think? I'm not the best at nail art, but I think these turned out pretty darn good! I <3 my dotting tools :D They are truly the most versatile nail art equipment ever, with tape being a close second.

Test Post

Opera is being a leettle beetch, so I'm testing to see if Chrome will finally play nice for me