Monday, 4 June 2012

Movin' On Up

I know what you're all thinking. All two of you.
"WHAT? Another post already? What is this world coming to??"
I know. I understand.
There was something I just had to show you.

Check it:

This glorious thing took me and my extremely handy uncle 4.5 hours to make today. 1.5 hours of shopping for supplies, then supper, then 4.5 hours of making the thing. Now that we've figured out what the heck we're doing, we're hoping to bang out the other four (!) tomorrow. Well, by the time you read this... today.

12 sheets of foam board, about $5 each
8 sheets of glittery self-adhesive foam, on clearance for $0.79
1 spool pearly whitish-blueish ribbon, on clearance for $2 (not yet added)
1 replacement glue gun, about $12 (ours blew up)
1 package fresh knife blades, $7ish
roughly 1/4 can hair spray to keep the glitter from attempting a full-on war with my garage :)

Should I have been cutting that stuff with my thumb? Probably not :P I only cut the glittery foam though. I did all of the measuring and marking, and some of the gluing. Have any of you had a glue gun explode before? I was marking measurements on the foam, and my uncle was trying to work out how to fix some problem or another, and we heard a godawful loud pop crash bang. I looked over in time to see a tiny fireworks show as the gun jumped up off the table top. There was a tiny scorch mark and smoke and everything. In all my years of crafty things, I've never ever had a glue gun blow up.

Anyway, these racks are supposed to hold roughly 90 bottles of polish. I grabbed whatever was closest to me on the table and threw them in there... if I remember correctly, this held 87 bottles. NOT BAD. As soon as we whip up the other four, I can have color coded racks *drool*

ps I can paint my own nails!! :D I have to get other people to open and close the bottles for me though. Small victories :)


  1. You read my mind! Another post?? Awesome :)
    That nail polish rack looks amazing! I'm glad you can point your nails now! Speedy recovery!

  2. This is freakin awesome!!! I am loving this! And no you should not be doing that with your tendon! But YAY that you can polish!