Friday, 9 December 2011

Ode to Fingers (Also, I'm Still Alive!)

Hi you guys! You came at a bad time! Where the heck did you come from? XD

I'm not going to say I'm a horrible blogger, because it's my party and I can cry if i want t--uh, well, you know. Stuff.

My semester at school really picked up, and I had a hard time finding time/motivation to sit down and write blog posts. I even stopped taking pictures of manicures I've been doing for other people :o
BUT FEAR NOT! I have folders upon folders on my desktop just BURSTING with pictures. Some of them even have subfolders.

As I'm writing this, I only have one paper left to write for the semester. Thanks to a good (academic) partner and the most amazing prof ever, this last paper is practically writing itself. I feel really good about it! It's due Monday the 12th, and then I have a whole month of Holiday Cheer to blog my little heart out! The plan is to blast through as many of these posts as I can before January 9th when I go back to classes. That might mean multiple posts a day, some days with no posts, or strings of days with posts all crammed together. I'm super excited :D

For now, here are a few pictures to tide you over until I finish this paper!
This was OPI The "It" Color base, and Swimsuit... Nailed It! for stamping. The more I looked at my nails, the more I knew they needed a little something extra.

I pulled out my bottle of Swimsuit... Nailed It! again and added some Fingers-patented funky french tips! Usually I fail at tips, but the oddly flat OPI brush made it a lot easier. 

And just for lulz, here's a picture of my cat being adorable while sleeping. You'd never know she's a furry evil bitch. She recently lost three pounds and seems to be showing off her new ability to kick herself in the face with her back paw. Toe fluff!

So, lovelies, how have you been? New lovelies, do you enjoy the tl;dr or are you just here for the pics?
Much <3, Oreo


  1. I enjoyed the title! I have been thinking about you a lot lately and was gonna email you! I am loving my Fingers mani! Did you know houndstooth is my fave pattern? I am excited that you will finally be posting some stuff on here! So glad you are finally slowing down some can chat! Thanks again for the dedication! I really appreciate it!

  2. Ps you're kitty is so cute. Three pounds is a lot of weight to lose- not to freak you out but are you sure she's not sick?

  3. Pps- you're funky tips are perfect for freehand! I love the slight curve- so much better than straight tape tips!

  4. Yeah I know it's a lot for a cat. She was up to 10 pounds which the vet said was over weight, and it took her a few months to lose the three pounds. We're keeping an eye on her though, because she weighed 8 pounds before she gained the extra two. If she loses any more weight she's getting herself a vet appointment! We monitor her food dishes and she's definitely still eating like a little piggy, and not throwing it back up. We have no idea why she gained weight a few years ago or why she lost some this year, but she IS almost 16 *shrug*. We spent over a grand at the vet two years ago getting the full health spectrum done, xrays blood work etc to make sure she didn't have any health issues. It's possible she developed something since then though.

    I'm glad I can start posting again too! This blog is a casualty of school lol. School comes first! Whenever it gets too busy, this is (unfortunately) the first thing I sacrifice for more time :( Actually, perhaps it's the second thing-- my MMO tends to be the first.

    Usually no matter what I do, my tips come out as a straight line! The weird flat OPI brush is what allowed me to get the curve. It took me so long to do both hands lol because I was trying to go slow and do each nail justice! Everyone here agreed that the tips really added to the mani :)