Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Hey lovelies! I've had less time than originally planned, but I'm still going to be posting more than I was (no posts in two months was full of fail). I thought I'd make at least one post before driving 12 hours to NYC tomorrow! Super excited to find an Ulta!! I have to limit myself though LOL. My budget for the 3-4 day trip is about $60, not including hotel and food. Polish is so much cheaper in the States though! And there are so many brands we don't have here. You lucky ducks don't know how good you have it!
So this is my NOTW. Sally Hansen Purple Pizzaz with a layer of OPI Rainbow Connection. I was originally going to do a jelly sandwich (attempted on my ring ringer) but decided I didn't like it. I mattified it and left the rest as they were. LOVE Rainbow Connection over this purple!!


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  1. There is NO way you will only spend $60 on polish! You are gonna walk in there, see all the brands and go nuts! I hope you have a good time in NYC. Don't tell customs just how many polish you're brining into Canada! Hahahaha!