Saturday, 10 September 2011

Took A Beating

Hi loves. I moved!

My nails (not these ones) survived packing, loading two jettas, driving 2 hours away, unpacking, putting things away, then helping a friend move in, unpacking and putting away HER stuff, and putting together a tv stand all by ourselves. TANK. I touched up the tipwear on them but they had more by the time the week ended. I'll post those tomorrow or something.

THESE beauties survived almost TWO WEEKS (!) of working with car parts in a warehouse. No chips. (just tipwear)

This was a base color of Wet'n'Wild Teal Of Fortune, tips in Sally Hansen HD Laser, and the glitter line was NOPI Brilliant Idea (which people on the internet seem to not like to wear by itself). I squished it into place with a rubber cuticle pusher I randomly have that came in a kit with some rhinestones or something. I was testing out Orly's Polishield which an extremely nice Sally's employee gave me a mini bottle of. I've been using it here and there all summer (with non-stamping manicures, because it does streak) and I'm pretty much in love. I might have to buy a full bottle of it when this one runs out. I've never had a manicure chip while using it, even with the lowest quality polishes I have, for the full week I usually wear them. :-o

This was the best color picture I could get, in the corner of the basement with a lamp sporting a black lamp shade. You can see the purple flashes in the tips, and the bottom was a lot greener than any of the pictures are picking up. It was like wearing the city of Atlantis on my nails. :D

So what do you think of the whole me being lazy and linking to other places for swatches thing? Other people do such a better job than me XD I'm getting better at application though!

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  1. I can't believe your nails survived that much activity! Mine would have cracked down to nubs! I personally don't care about the links, and rarely click on them to see where it takes me! I guess I'm lazy like that! This design is very cool! Hope customs gets you your prize soon!