Monday, 19 September 2011

Naughty Camera

So like I said, I moved. I've been using my mom's sweet FancyPants Canon all summer, but I figured my old Canon PowerShot A510 with its whopping 3.2 megapixels wouldn't be THAT bad... 

Right, so, as I was saying... what? This picture was taken with the, erm, model standing on a chair and me standing on my bed, holding her hand about four inches from the light bulb. Rimmel 60 seconds #615 Night Before (which absolutely GLOWS. One of the most gorgeous purples I own. I've seen swatches of a similar green by them and I've been stalking my drug stores for it but no luck yet) with Zoya Apple sponged on top. Deep purples with light greens are such an awkwardly gorgeous combo XD I love them. Anyway we felt like spicing up her manicure a bit so we added a rhinestone.  I don't understand why this picture came out so dark. The two we took right before came out almost entirely black!

This is the manicure I was talking about when I said it lasted through moving, unloading, unpacking and cleaning (two rooms)! Yay house colors lol. I actually liked the ones where the stamp went on crooked better! Clairns Golden Red and Konad Special Black. High noon with my hand in the brightest corner of my window to make it take a normal looking picture.

I finally got the flash working for this one! China Glaze Flying Dragon with Tree Hugger tips and green Art Deco striper. My  thumb came out the best for the wavy tip look I was going for, but by the time I got a picture I was semi satisfied with, my thumb was chipping so bad :(
HOWEVER, I finally noticed my camera must have fallen against something in my bag, because it was on a setting called "Tv". No idea why I didn't bother checking the setting before! I guess I just got so used to ignoring settings on my moms camera. So apparently the tv setting makes it compensate to take pictures of... bright tvs? Who wants to take pictures of their tv screen?

Also, I finally broke down and bought some pure acetone and a small angled paint brush to help with cleanup. Usually I just hop in the shower after I'm done painting my nails and the extra stuff on my skin comes right off, but sometimes I do such a sloppy job on my cuticles that it bothers me to the point where I have to take it off mid week.  Speaking of Sally's, not sure if anyone else has noticed, but mine had a bunch of polishes labeled LAST CHANCE and discounted to $1.99! I grabbed Light My Tiki, In Awe Of Amber and Lemon Fizz. They were sold out of Solar Power :( and another color from the reds section, I can't remember what it was called. Tempest was also discounted, but I already have that one so I didn't get it.

While I was at Sally's picking that up, I hit up the dollar store and found some tiny little beads to use! I never buy loose glitter to use on my nails because glitter is the herpes of the craft world. I was staying in my friends room this weekend and we bought some glittery foam to cut shapes out of for her wall, and I woke up with glitter in my hair the next day. I'd rather not have that stuff all over my DORM CARPET and in my top coat etc XD But I found some tiny colored bead-type things in with the glitter this time, so I'm excited to use those. They look just like the ones I've seen other people using, although maybe not all exactly uniform in size. Oh well :)

There was a Winners next to the Sally's and dollar store, so I decided to pop in and investigate a rumor that you can find Nubar polishes there. I have decided that you might be able to, since I picked up a bottle of Nubar cuticle oil for $5(!), but I didn't see any polishes. I DID pick up an 8-pack of Art Club glitter stripers for $13 though, so it all worked out!

I've gotten so far behind in things I want to show you guys and tell you about since I've been trying to get through some backlogged posts before I post the new stuff, but I've decided that between my frustration with blogger at the moment and the neverending supply of old pics, I'm going to try to update a little more with RELEVANT things like the Sally's sale before I end up posting something like "so this is Light My Tiki, I bought it in a great sale at Sally's umm... two years ago..." >.>

Hopefully this long winded post will get my butt in gear lol :)


  1. What in the world is going on here?? Are those your short nails in that first dark green picture? Did you rip them off in frustration??? I need to get to Sally's I have a $5 off coupon!! Looks like you did a whole LOT of shopping!- Any Joe Fresh in there for me?? HAHAHAHA!

  2. SOEUDSFVI I hate trying to comment in Chrome by accident and it erases EVERYTHING ><

    No, those are my best friend's nails lol (one of them, I have a couple). I hope to feature her lots because that means she visits me lots! :D
    I DID file my nails shorter again last night, but they'll never be that short. I keep mine longer because if I cut them too short, they dig into the sides of my fingers and hurt when they grow :(